Sunday, March 23, 2014

Slightly Busy

So if you are still hanging in there with me, you may have notice the lack of posts lately...over two months worth to be exact. To say that we have been busy is one way of putting it. After being spoiled with 18 months worth of never having to deal with the dreaded "D" word (deployment, don't need to start any rumors out there) it has been an adjustment to go through it once again. The boys are older, which has its perks, but it also means that they are busy with their own activities that we feel having them participate in will add value to their lives in the long run. M rejoined Cub Scouts this year, he was determined to earn his Arrow of Light and cross over to Boy Scouts. Most of the boys had been working on achieving their Arrow of Light advancement over a two year period...we had 5 months. Maybe that is why I have been silent for the past 2 months....we had a lot to tackle!

One of the most exciting aspects for M was doing the Pinewood Derby Races once again. In case you missed it love is guess who gets to really tackle this project...yup, me!
My solution was getting a pre-cut body for M to race, some out there may say that is cheating, but we have done it the old fashioned way in the past, and next time I'll call you, and you can help ;)
M did a good job painting and assembling the car. We had to add a lot of weight, and failed to max it out to the max regulation and had a hard time keeping up with some of the faster cars, but he wasn't the slowest car by any means. He was proud of his car "Swag", and had a great time cheering on his friends.

Coming in 2nd...

and coming in a close 3rd.

His Web II den and leader.

He was quite surprised, but he was selected to receive the "Best in Show" award for his pimped out car.

M with some more of his buds and their awards.

So glad to have gotten that to-do off of my list...until next year anyway. Lil' J has now decided that he would like to rejoin Cub Scouts as well after seeing the Pinewood Derby me crazy!

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Becky L. said...

Good to hear an update from you. Glad M like the pinewood derby and even getting an award for his designs even better. Enjoyed the photos as always. I went backwards and saw post of son with birthday close to Christmas. We have 2 birthdays near Christmas, my husband and our daughter. We make it fun, even now! Take care! Prayers for you and your family in deployment time.